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selection of beautiful cheese available in Swan St Deli and Larder
green olives Swan St Deli and Larder

Swan St Deli & Larder is known for its broad range of mouth-watering cheese, charcuterie, and antipasto as well as other delicious goods that simply cannot be found elsewhere in the Hunter region.

For the cheese lovers, we offer a variety of local and international delicacies. Swan St Deli & Larder has a variety of over 20 cheeses that is ever updating and growing, from d' Affinois to Roquefort, we have a cheese for every individual and occasion. Charcuterie is another area of Swan St Deli & Larder's specialties. We offer a selection of cured meats including but not limited to, Salumi Salami's, Goose on The Loose, leg ham, prosciutto, porchetta, sopressa, and many more. All of which is to complement our deli selection of cheese, chutneys, and antipasto for grazing platters, functions, or just weekend nibbles and drinks. Our antipasto cabinet is always filled to the brim with unique tastes including a selection of different olives, mixed antipasto, pate, terrine, semi-dried tomatoes, caper berries, stuffed peppers, and much more. 


Swan St Deli & Larder pride themselves on quality products and excellent service. We also offer in-store tasting and sampling. 


We can assure genuine knowledge of our products from origin to taste. 

grazing tables from Swan St Deli and Larder
selection of cured meats Swan St Deli and Larder
grazing boards from Swan St Deli and Larder